Таки надо доплатить 30$.

Dear Kathie,
Yes you need to pay $30.00 more for the sanding service of Heliot.
Sorry that I made you confused.
But Heliot removing seam and sanding service which you ordered became features a smaller number of than prices of currently other doll.
($80.00 $110.00)
You will know if you receive the Heliot, there are more a lot of parts formation tables, and he is little more elaborateness than other dolls.
Therefore, features had to do unavoidably a price.
Plz kindly understand this situation.

Я уточнила у них, нужно ли платить, если сэндинг отдельно не заказывали, а только блашинг. Говорят - да, нужно.

Лариса, Еления - это к вам (((

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